Ralph Arwood Photography



This male panther, estimated at 1 to 1.5 years of age, was collared on March 11, 2012 with a GlobalStar satellite collar.  

He weighed 72 lbs. He inhabited the Turner River Unit until mid-February 2013 at which time he began dispersing. His collar was only sending occasional locations and an unknown signal within his collar’s range was mistakenly thought to be his collar failing, so his whereabouts were unknown until he was photographed by a trail camera under an underpass on SR-29. He was then located in the Bear Island Unit and re-collared on March 25, 2013 by the BICY team. He weighed 93 lbs.

He did not return to the SBICY study area, so FWC initiated monitoring in April, 2013.  During the 7 months of the reporting period, his area of use encompassed 313 km2 in the Turner River and Deep Lake Units, followed by dispersal into the Bear Island and Addition Land Units.

FP-216 was re-collared by the FWC team on 2/6/2014. He weighed 101 lbs. at that time.

The collar was released on 2/27/2014