Nickie was first photographed on April 30, 2012.  The nicks in her ears make it possible to identify her.  Tattered ears are very common in male panthers, resulting from fights with other males.  They are not as common in female panthers. Nickie has raised atlas five kittens in two litters at The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

01-25-2013 Nickie with two kittens. 

Nickie is probably March’s daughter since they share part of the same territory. They both had kittens at Corkscrew at the same time. Nickie’s kittens were several months older than March’s.

 03-04-2013 Nickie with two kittens.


03-17-2013 Nickie and two kittens. The kittens are about one year old and close to moving off on thier own.

In December 2014 Nickie was photographed with her second litter. 

 12-25-2014 Nickie with three kittens.

 01-04-2015 Nickie with three kittens.

01-05-2015 Nickie with three kittens.

 01-13-2015 Nickie and  3 kittens.

01-25-2015 Nickie and 2 kittens investigating the trail camera.

 01-27-2015 One of Nickie’s kittens tries to catch a wood stork.

 02-08-2015 1224 UCFP Nickie and two kitten.



02-19-2015 Nickie and two kittens.


02-28-2015  Nickie and two kittens


 02-28-2015 Nickie with two kittens

 02-28-2015 Nickie with two kittens

02-28-2015 Nickie with two kittens


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