Ralph Arwood Photography


March was first photographed on December 5, 2008 accompanied by two kittens. She can be identified by some unusual tufts of hair on the back of her ears and a cowlick in the middle of her back. March has raised at least seven kittens in three litters at The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. As you view these videos you will notice that all family members are not always present.  While it is always possible that one or more cats do not pass in front of the camera; its also likely that Mom does not take all of her kittens with her every time she goes hunting. As the kittens get older they are frequently photographed out on their own.

March and FP-159 were photographed together on March 3-19-2010.

On 10-6-2010 she was photographed with a kitten.

01-18-2011  March with kitten

04-3-2011 with female kitten

04-16-2011 March with male  kitten.

06-10-2011 male kitten.

06-12-2011 March with female kitten.

06-12-2011 March with male kitten

12-11-2011 Female kitten calling her family.

12-28-2011 Female and Male kittens.

12-29-2011 March is calling her kittens. She growls at her son as he approaches and then resumes calling her daughter. March is probably ready for her kittens to be on thier own. They are old enough to take care of them selves.

Beginning in December of 2012 March was photographed with her third litter at The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

12-03-2012 March with 3 kittens.

02-03-2013 March with three kittens.

03-04-2013 March with two kittens.

03-10-2013 March and two kittens.

03-29-2013 March and three kittens.

04-12-2013 March and one kitten.

04-12-2013 March and three kittens.

04-20-2013 March with two kittens.

05-23-2013 March’s Kittens.

06-04-2013 March and three kittens.

10-06-2013 March and 3 kittens. This is the last photograph we have of the family together. We continue to get photos and videos of young panthers. While they are probably these kittens, there are no marking to make a positive identification.