Crooked Tail


CT was first photographed at Corkscrew in November of 2015. He has several features that make him easy to identify. The most prominent is his crooked tail. He also has multiple nicks in his right ear and one nick in is left ear. There is a large cowlick on his back and multiple white tick spots on his shoulders.



CT and several other males have been competing to be the dominate male at Corkscrew. There is a blog post about the competition here.

CT checking out a scrape left by another male panther and leaving his own scrape.

For the last two weeks of April 2016, CT spent much of his time following an unknown female around Corkscrew. You can hear her calling in the video below.

August 18, 2016

Since the middle of May "CT" is the only male panther photographed on the trail cameras. At least for now he is the dominant male panther at Corkscrew.

February 23, 2017 is the last time we have photographed "CT" on our trail cameras.

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