Ralph Arwood Photography


Female FP-221 was collared on February 22, 2013 in the Turner River Unit. Through subsequent monitoring, we learned that she is the daughter of FP-220. We estimated her age at 9 to 10 months based on tooth eruption. She dispersed from her mother in November 2013 at 18 months of age and established her home range within her mother’s home range. FP-221 denned in May 2014 and we marked 2 kittens (K-424, K-425).



FP-221, K-424, and K-425 at their den.

This den was only 665 meters from her mother’s February 2014 den. FP-221’s home range was 95 km2 in the Deep Lake and Turner River Units.

February 14, 2015

FP-221 was re-collared with an ATS Iridium LITE/GPS model G2110L collar.  The satellite component failed in 4 months, the VHF worked 11 months longer.

In early March, 2016 FP-221 showed signs of denning. On March 27, 2016 we went into the den area and found two male kittens. They appeared to be 3-4 weeks old and weighed just over four pounds.

K-457 and K-458

Den Camera Video

Her Collar failed 5/19/2016