Ralph Arwood Photography


FP-191 was first collared on February 26, 2011 in the northeastern Turner River Unit. She was known to be 12 years of age because she had been marked with a transponder as a kitten (K-56) at the den of Texas female 107 in February 1999.  Her father was FP-79. Her littermate was K-58, aka FP-93.

Two offspring, one male and one female, estimated to be dispersal age, were also treed on February 26, 2011 and tracks suggested that there might have been 3 offspring with her.

She denned in March 2012 and we marked one male kitten.

03-28-2012 FP-191 den K-353

She returned to the den but lack of den attendance indicated that the kitten had died. She denned again in June 2012 and we marked 1 female kitten.

07-11-2012 FP-191 DEn K-372

Her home range during the reporting period was 117 km2 in the Turner River Unit.

On February 13, 2015 her body was recovered from under about a foot of water in a cypress dome.  Tracking flights had showed her to be in this location for more than a week but her collar had not gone into mortality mode. The cause of death could not be determined because of the amount of decomposition.