Ralph Arwood Photography


FP187 February 5, 2011

FP-187 was first collared on February 5, 2011 in the Turner River Unit. He was estimated to be 7 years of age and weighed 112 lbs. In 2013 he was treed on 5 occasions with plans to change his collar before the battery ran out. Unfortunately he was always too high for safe handling.  When he was treed on February 6, 2013 he was in the company of FP-93.

FP-187 February 6, 2013

FP-187 climbing down from cypress tree after being mobbed by crows.

His home range during the time he was tracked was 418 km2 in the Turner River Unit.

On February 18, 2015 we were hunting for FP-187 to change his collar. When the team caught up to him, he was with an un-collared female. FP-187 evaded the dogs but the female panther treed. She became FP-240.

You can see the two of them together in this photograph by John Kellam.