Ralph Arwood Photography


FP-179 was collared for the first time on February 14, 2010. He was estimated to be 5 years of age and weighed 114 lbs.  He was fitted with a Globalstar collar, which could potentially obtain 6 locations per day. This collar ceased to relay locations on May 5, 2010. During the 10 weeks of monitoring, FP-179 inhabited the Stairsteps and Loop Units of Big Cypress.

FP-179’s home range.

While the collar did not work for the full year it was expected to, the data it did give us showed that FP-179 often fed on alligator. The deer heard in his home range had collapsed over the several years before his capture.  Like FP-152 who also lived in the southern portion of Big Cypress, he had adapted to the available food sources.

Alligator eaten by FP-179.