Ralph Arwood Photography


We captured male FP-127 in the Turner River Unit on February 16, 2004. He was in good condition; weighing 99 lbs., he did not have a transponder, and was estimated to be 2 years of

age. He tested negative for feline leukemia. He initially inhabited the Turner River Unit,

but then moved to the eastern side of Big Cypress where he has used both private lands and the Addlands North and South. On March 29, 2005 we re-collared him. He was in excellent physical condition and weighed 121 lbs. With the death of FP-104 in March of 2006, FP-127 shifted his home range to the south. His collar failed in late June 2007.

FP-127 was re-collared on February 5, 2008. FP-127 died on March 14, 2008 from intraspecific aggression. The necropsy performed by Dr. Mark Cunningham indicated that FP-127 had recovered from an old gunshot wound.  In his fatal fight his wounds included: multiple bite wounds on the head, chest (one resulting in lung collapse), and forearms as well as multiple lacerations.

Lifetime home range fro FP-127