We captured adult male FP-138 on January 31, 2005 in the Turner River Unit. He was in very good condition, weighing 134 lbs. and was estimated at 4 years-of-age. He bore obvious signs of intraspecific aggression, i.e., a deep nasal scar and a portion of the right ear missing, and had a comparatively heavy tick infestation. He tested negative for feline leukemia. 

FP-138 was re-collared on February 27, 2007, still in excellent condition, weighing 139 lbs. He died in early May 2007, but the collar’s mortality mode was not detected until May 12, 2007, at which time his remains were retrieved. During necropsy, bullet fragments and fractured ribs confirmed that he had previously been shot but survived those injuries. The cause of his death is unknown. 

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