FP-103 the daughter of FP-102, was first captured in the Turner River Unit on March 13, 2001 at an estimated 10 months of age. She was with FP-102 through April 2001, except for several days when FP-102 was in the company of FP-79, the territorial male. When FP-103 dispersed at an estimated 11 months of age, she moved east into the Corn Dance Unit. Her collar failed prematurely on December 23, 2003, however, we re-collared her on February 27, 2004. She weighed 70 lbs., was in very good condition, and was not pregnant. FP-103 initiated denning in March of 2007 and 3 kittens were marked at her den on April 4, 2007. 

Kittens 236, 237, and 238

At 7 years of age, this was FP-103’s first den. The fact that the territorial male, FP-104, was sterile may have been the reason for her not getting pregnant. When he died in March of 2006, another male filled this vacancy. 

During the first week of August 2007, FP-103 remained at the same location and her remains were retrieved on August 8, 2007. Necropsy indicated that she died of intraspecific aggression. No sign of her 5-month-old kittens was found. 

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