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The Rains Are Back

Since June 1st. Corkscrew has had 27 inches of rain. That is an all time new record for the whole month of June and we have two more weeks left in the month!  The video below shows how the swamp can change in 48 hours.

Corkscrew Panther Family June 2017

The panther family has spent the last several weeks moving between Eagle Island, the Fish Farm and Little Corkscrew Island. All of the kittens have been photographed out on their own. The two male kittens have also been photographed with their mother. 

There is an interesting video of Mom watching an opossum. This is not the first time we have gotten video of a panther passing on an opossum dinner!

The TrailCam Tuesday video below from Donna and Brian Hampton showed more of the panther family.

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