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Gator Nest 2018

We found eight nests along Washout Road this year. The mother at the first nest was very protective. At times she would block the road.

This is the damage she did to the front tire!

Sometimes turtles try to lay their eggs in a gator nest. If they are successful, their eggs will have the added protection of the mother alligator. Sometimes the plan does not workout.

Bears are one of the biggest threats to the gator nest. Two of the eight nests were predated before we started filming this year. This young bear searched multiple nests. Fortunately for the gators, he had not perfected his nest raiding yet.

Even black vultures can be a threat to the nest.

Fawn meets Turkey

Bear Tree

Hoping to get a different view, I put a camera 15 feet up the bear tree.

Fortunately the camera survived this young bear's curiosity.

The bears are not the only ones using the tree.

Even the bats are using the bear tree!

Another bear.

A young lady bear

The squirrel that got away.

The two young barred owls seem bewildered that the squirrel ran away. Being chastised by a bluejay does not help.

Opo Taxi

How many babies can an opossum carry?

Jumping Rabbit

Meditating Bear

Gator Love

Birds Feeding

Fawns in the rain

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