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Red-Bellied Turtle

Barred Owl Catching a Frog

Limpkin Catching a Snail

Hurricane Irma Part 3

September 24, 2017

Fish Farm Road is the main access to the backcountry at the Sanctuary. After two days of work, we have about one mile open.


Hurricane Irma Part 2

September 23, 2017

The staff and volunteers at the Sanctuary have done an amazing job of cleaning up after Irma. There is still many weeks of work to do.

Hurricane Irma Part 1

Hurricane Irma did extensive damage to the Sanctuary. Here is a sample of before and after photographs.

The Gator Hole

The Bunting House

At the Plume Hunters Trail

Alligator Den Rain Shelter

Alligator Den Rain Shelter

"Calusa" Landmark Tree #5

"Guy Bradley" Landmark Tree #6


"Leonardo de Venci" Landmark Tree #9

"Leonardo de Venci" Landmark Tree #9

South Lettuce Lake Rain Shelter

North Lettuce Lake Gator Rest

Exit Trail

Bear Devours Nest 1

On the night of August 12, 2017 a bear found nest 1, but did not disturb it. The following day she returned three times to devour all the gator eggs. She approaches the nest with caution but then brashly goes into the water where the mother gator spends most of her time. There is no video of the mother gator during this 24 hours.

Male Panther July 29, 2017

This is the first panther caught on trail cameras since June 13, 2017. He is headed north on Washout Road. The orgin of this unknown male is uncertain.  The cameras further south did not capture his journey. I wonder how he has remained dry and evaded the other cameras?

Opo Taxi

Gator Boy Toy?

Do nesting gators have Boy Toys? Its the only explanation I have been able to come up with. Hopefully some of the local gator biologists will be able to weigh in on this behavior. The big gator is the one that has been guarding the nest.

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