Dave Onorato with FWC report that "The remains of a 4.3 year old radiocollared female Florida panther (FP219) were recovered on 18 September 2015 on Interstate 75 just west of exit 101 in Collier County.  The cause of death was collision with a vehicle.  FP219 was initially handled by FWC as a kitten (K334) at the den of FP188 in May of 2011 in Lee County (photo 1).  She was then captured by FWC at 3 months of age after the death of FP188 and raised in captivity with her sibling (photo 2) at White Oak (a conservation center in Yulee, Florida).  She was released back into the wild on 31 January 2013 in the Picayune Strand State Forest (photo 3).  FWC documented two litters for FP219 during the period she was monitored in the wild. The carcass is currently at the FWC Naples Field Office and will be sent to the FWC Wildlife Research Lab in Gainesville lab for a complete necropsy.  This is the 27th Florida panther mortality and 18th road mortality for 2015.

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Panther deaths for 2015


11 Fathoms Up Sunrise Storm

The colors remind me of the paintings by the Florida Highwaymen.

11 Fathoms Up Sunrise Rainbow

This time of year we usually get our storms in the afternoon. Today they rolled in from the Gulf at sunrise.

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