Growing Up at Corkscrew

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary has a new resident. He still needs to work on his dance moves but he is getting the hang of the bear tree!

The good news is that the baby bear is doing well. The bad news is that he is starting to play with my trail cameras!

With the rising water levels the young bear has moved to higher ground around the Fish Farm. The trail cameras are still irresistible.

11 Fathoms Up Lightning

Now that Erika has dissipated we can get back to our normal August weather.


With Erika approaching Southwest Florida, Gisela and I went to Raccoon Point to remove the accoustic bat monitors.  We followed a thunderstorm up Eleven Mile Road but managed to stay out of the rain as we walked the two miles throught the swamp to retrieve the monitors. Our reward for the un-planned swamp walk is below.

Gator Nest

For several years I have tried to photograph the hatching of an alligator nest. Since predicting the hatching time is difficult and Moma gators are not fond of human company, this is best done with trail cameras. This year I have found two nests at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  The mother gators were not particularly thrilled with my offer to do their family portrait as you can see from the videos. The baby gators should be hatching out soon. Hopefully we will get some good pictures.  

Land of Fire and Ice

Last October I had the pleasure of returning to Iceland with my friend Brian Hampton to photograph the Bárðarbunga volcanic system.  Our Icelandic guide Kristján G Kristjànsson  owner of Mountain Taxi made the trip possible and more importantly as safe as it could be around an active volcano. The speed of the flowing lava was impressive, faster than any river I have ever seen. As we photographed the northern lights the glow of the volcano was visiable more than 70 kilometers away.



The Bear Tree

There are at least three bear trees at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

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